Do You Make These Mistakes With Recruiting?

Who do you think has the bigger better business…

The best and most talented brokers? Or the brokers with the best marketing?

How do you respond when an agent tells you.. "No thanks, I'd join but I'm happy where I'm at."

Or if they say… "I'd join your company but right now isn't a good time."

I can tell you how to eliminate these objections. I can tell you how to respond in such a way that agents will actually want to join your company.

The harsh reality of recruiting is this: The broker with the better marketing wins every single time. The broker who can handle objections wins every single time.

Do you make mistakes with recruiting? You are about to find out.

Join me as I interview 5 of the most successful brokers on their recruiting systems. They will change your reality as to what's really possible when it comes to recruiting the best agents almost effortlessly.

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You'll Learn...

  • How an Iowa broker went from 30 to 95 agents in 3 years
  • How one broker hired a recruiter who now does "all the hard work"
  • How the #1 largest office in Arizona recruits with email marketing
  • How the "RE/MAX Broker Of The Year" in Georgia handles his recruiting
  • How a top 100 office Recruits using Facebook